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July 31, 2008
New Animals join our collection

For completing the animals collection in Giza Zoological Gardens
- Dr. Nabil Sedky, Undersecretary of State for Egyptian Zoos and Wildlife Conservation, and Dr. Hatem Kamal, General Manager of Zoological and Aquarium Gardens, Giza Zoo is working for complete its animals collection.. And it was agreed to bring some species of mammals and bird.

- Whooper Swan is one of the wonderful birds in the world, and Giza Zoo received three and a pretty Black-necked Swan in the Northern Lake.

- Pony is a pretty animal, characterize by its beautiful colors. Three pony arrived the zoo, and they are enjoying being in the Fun Region in Giza Zoo.

- Monkeys are the stars of all Zoos. This year a group of Blue Monkeys arrived to Giza Zoo; this specie wasn't in Giza Zoo before. Its habitat is Tanzania.

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