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April 16, 2009
Giza Zoological garden is getting ready for Eastern

 Spring has started, it is the most joyful season, and people enjoy it mostly in gardens.
Giza zoological garden has two of the most attractive things for people, animals and plants.

Mr. Amin Abaza Minister of Agriculture & Prof.Samaha chairman of GOVs gave thier orders to start the arrangements, which are:
  -All the staff vacations are off.
  -A great care is given for animals, their enclosure, and plants.
  -Repairing and painting animal cages & chairs for visitors.
  -More signs for directions.
  -About 30 places to get tickets at the gates.
  -Cafeteria & take away will be available.
  -Visitors can enjoy watching baby animals of some endangered species.
  -Ambulance will be in the zoo for emergencies, and more policemen to help visitors.
  -Regional zoos are also ready for their visitors.

Finally the zoo management and staff welcome our visitors wishing them pleasant time in the zoo without disturbing animals, and please do not try to feed them of your food because they have their own diet.

Says Dr. Nabil Sedky
Under Secretary of State for Egyptian Zoos & Wildlife Conservation
International Organization
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