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August 14, 2008
CEO of PAAZAB Mr. Dave Morgan Visits our zoo

Being a member of the International Organizations becomes an urgent issue for Giza Zoological Gardens to convoy the great developing in zoological sciences.

As a result for the Zoo's efforts to be back in contact with these organizations, Giza Zoological Gardens had an invitation(sponsored by North Carolina Zoo) to attend the 19th Annual Conference of PAAZAB.

Prof.Gordon McGregor Reid Chairman of WAZA attended the conference. During this conference, our representative Dr. Mona Sadek expressed to both Dr. Mark Penning chairman of PAAZAB, and Mr. Dave Morgan executive director that our zoo wants to apply for membership in PAAZAB, and they promised to discuss Giza Zoo's request.

 Mr.Amin Abaza (Minister of Agriculture & Land Reclamation) & Prof. Hamed Samaha (Chairman of General Organization of Veterinary Cervices) had sponsored Mr. Dave Morgan’s visit to our Zoo in August 2008 for inspection. He recommended in his report that Giza Zoo should join PAAZAB.

Giza zoological garden is going to be the first member in PAAZAB among zoos in North Africa.

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