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March 19, 2010
PAAZAB Workshops for Giza Zoo Staff
Training workshop was held in Giza Zoo for Vets, Keepers, and workers by delegate of PAAZAB members in cooperation with North Carolina Zoo, National Zoological Gardens, Johannesburg Zoo, and UShaka Marine World.
- Dr. Adrian Tordiffe, Team Leader, Zoo Veterinarian, National Zoological Gardens.
- Mr. Dominic Moss, Mammal Specialist, Johannesburg Zoo.
- Mrs. Gabby Harris, Animal Behaviorist, UShaka Marine World.
- Mr. Ian Visser, Reptile and Fish Specialist, UShaka Marine World.
- Mr. Mike Harman, Birds Specialist, Retired Johannesburg Zoo.
- Mrs. Tracy Rehse, Zoo Registrar and Data Bank, National Zoological Gardens.
Marsh 9 – 18, 2010
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