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May 19, 2010
New comers to Giza Zoo

Giza Zoo has started a collaborative agreement with AWPR in Emirates. As a start for this, Giza Zoo received group of animals, amongst the precious Orangutan that formed part of the AWPR legacy collection. The three orangutans, all born and raised at AWPR, were accompanied by three staff to Cairo to help settle them into their temporary accommodation.

Tee Tee was born in 9 April, 1993, and weighs 92 kg.
Fatouta was born in 23 April, 1994, and weighs 146 kg.
Bangu was born in 28 May, 1995, and weighs 165 kg.
Orangutans have a large, bulky body, a thick neck, very long, strong arms, short, bowed legs, and no tail. They are mostly covered with long reddish-brown hair.
This species of orangutan is native to the island of Borneo.

Another group of animals accompanied orangutan to Giza Zoo. Group of Bonnet Macaques with a baby born during transfer and is in good health, group of Rhesus Macaque, Pigtail Macaque, and Patas Monkey.

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