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August 11, 2010

Removal of a large tumor (2 kg) small one (270 g) out of Mouza's chest and neck.

This article comes as a reply for the rumor spread around the world by one of the Egyptian animal welfare activist on the medical condition and care of the female chimp, Mouza, which arrived to Giza zoo lately, here is the truth.

The chimp Mouza arrived to Giza zoo on 8/4/2010 exhausted and very weak, due to the presence of several tumors, one in the neck and a large one in the chest area.

Mouza on arrival to Giza Zoo 

Prof. AlGarhy, Chairman of GOVs, gave instruction to begin an intensive care & treatment program for the chimp.

Dr. Nabil Sedky undersecretary of State for Egyptian zoos & Aquarium gave his orders to collect a team of Giza zoo vets, under supervision of Dr. Fatma Tammam, Giza zoo GM , with Prof. Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim, professor of surgery, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, as the team leader, the vets team (Dr. Maha Saber- Dr. Sahar Abd Al Fattah – Dr. Amany Abd Al Raouf), started an intensive care program to increase the chimp’s immunity through special diet and adding certain nutritional substances, and started a preventive program by adding some vitamins such as vitamin B & E-Selenium.

Biopsy   After Biopsy

Once her health condition improved and became stable, a biopsy was taken under general anesthesia on 11/6/2010.

This sample was sent to the lab for analysis. , and the conclusion of the pathology report was: GLANDULAR HYPERPLASIA WITH PAPILLARY CTSTIC FORMATION.

During the surgery.   The small tumor (270 g)

On 25/7/2010, and for 4 continuous hours, the vets worked to remove the tumors.

Removing the large tumor.   The large tumor. (2 kg)

Mouza was transferred after the operation to another quite location away from the visitors for after care, and to be under continuous supervision by the vets and her keeper.

Mouza After the Surgery

Mouza’s wounds began to heal and started to return to her normal funny and energetic nature and seems to be grateful for the people who helped to put an end for her pain and suffering.

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