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December 06, 2010
Successful training sessions in Giza Zoo

Dr. Fatma, Dr. Nabeel, & Dr. Refaat watching Dr. Steenkamp prepairing the doses.

Successful training sessions on anesthesia & dentistry of zoo animals was held in Giza Zoological Garden, Nov 27th – Dec 3rd, in cooperation between Giza Zoo,
PAAZAB, North Carolina Zoo, Johannesburg Zoo, National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, and ZSL, represented in Dr. Adrian Tordiffe, Veterinarian- National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp, veterinary dentist - University of Pretoria, assisted by Jeanne Marie Pittman,  Johannesburg Zoo hospital supervisor.

 Preparation of the doses, while Dr. Dalia was recording. In the back Dr. Osama & Dr. Amany are discussing the case.

Sessions included some surgical operations and treatment of some important cases, in Giza zoo, such as:
1. Anesthetized female African elephant for dental examination, and removing of a trailing in the Tusk.

Dr. Steenkamp removing the trailing in the tusk.

2. Anesthetized female Hippopotamus, and removing parts of the canines.
3. Sterilization of two African lion males, with dental treatment in some cases of lions (endodontic, root canal treatment and extraction)
4. Blood sampling for DNA testing of some African lions.

 Dr. Steenkamp explaining the operation procedure and Dr. Osama, Dr. M Saad & Dr. M Badr are listening.   

5. Blood sampling and skin samples from female Patagonia sea lion.
6. Examination of some animals (zebra, mini pony and Vervet monkey)
 Dr. Tordiffe trimming the oryx’s hooves and Dr. Amany is helping.

7. Rearranging herds of Oryx– Scimitar horned Oryx - Nile Lechwe.
8. Examination of blood samples in some birds.

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