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October 24, 2011
Chmpanzee Group

Mshmsh is 5 years old male orphan chimpanzee, who was rescued by Giza Zoo at the age of 1 year old & Bobbo 7 years rescued male chimpanzee, joined Loza, 6 years female, on their arrival to Giza Zoo.

Because Bobbo use to tees Mshmsh a lot, Loza took the responsibility of taking care of Mshmsh “protecting & mothering him”. Mshmsh misses the mother’s love & father’s care and protection as every young orphan.

Enjy, 11 years old female, lives with Prince, 11 yrs old male, since she arrived to Giza Zoo.

Chimpanzee reintegration program aims to let all the chimpanzees live together as one big family.

The program started with introducing Enjy & Mshmsh. There were some concerns about their reaction toward each others. But they surprised everyone. Once Mshmsh entered the enclosure where Enjy was setting, he ran at her & give her a BIG HUGE as if she is his mother. Enjy did the same and gave Mshmsh all the LOVE & CARE he misses. Later the other 2, loza & Bobbo, together with Prince joined the happy couple.

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