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March 03, 2012
Dr. Jones & NC zoo society visit Giza Zoo
Dr. David Jones, Giza zoo international sponsor, visited the zoo with a marvelous group of NC zoo society last Saturday afternoon among their touristic trip to Egypt.
Dr. Fatma Tammam, Undersecretary of State for Egyptian Zoos, and some of the zoo staff accompanied the group.
The guests liked the renovation and developing of the zoo museum, sponsored by G. Dr. Osama Selim, GOVs chairman, and the new Orangutan exhibition, which is ready for the Orangs.

They also visited the chimps groups, Revo, the hand reared Red Kangaroo, and the new enrichment added to the enclosures.

The tour was ended by visiting the amazing historical Citadel Grotto.

Dr. Jones admired the zoo effort to develop in spite of the incidents going on in the country.
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