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July 08, 2012
Giraffes at Giza Zoo
The 1st Giraffe at the 1st moment in its enclosure at GIZA ZOO

After more than 5 years, Giraffes came back to join the animal collection at Giza Zoo with three marvelous African species, Greater Kudu, Common Eland, & Blue Wildebeest. And the White Lion in the New Lion House.

Giraffe enclosure was developed to meet the latest international standards.

Now you can enjoy watching Giraffes at their enclosure by Gate 1 in the south eastern section of the zoo and Blue Wildebeest next to Hippopotamus Lake, Common Eland at the Camels area, & Greater Kudu near to the Reptile House.

Gtreater Kudu

Common Eland

Blue Wildebeest
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