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November 17, 2012
Dr. Fatma Tammam meets El-Alsson British and American school-Cairo student
Dr. Fatma Tammam Undersecretary for Egyptian Zoos & Wildlife Conservation met El-Alsson British and American school-Cairo student . 1- Justin Barrio – 2- Nardine Botros – 3-Farah Ibrahim – 4- Hana El-Safoury – 5- Leila Hamouda – 6- Nourhan El-gendy – 7- Abd El-rahman youssef – 8- Ziad Hindawi – 9- Christina Bourne as part af the collaboration between Giza Zoo and Civil Society.
Waheed the chimpanzee keeper prepared fruits, dates and nuts as he usually does daily.
The students helped waheed to hide food in the paper balls they made as enrichment for the chimps.
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