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September 26, 2013
Citadel Grotto.
Citadel Grotto 
- Was established in 1867 as a castle covered with coral reefs of the Red Sea and its corners are decorated with seats covered with colored Pebbles, and inside there is a hall built in a unique design naturally air-conditioned and sounds are amplified.
-  On the roof there is a cactus garden with small waterfalls flowing into a lake where a group of swans, ducks and geese swim in.
-  There is a spiral pass up and down the Grotto and its Paths are covered with beautiful architectural designs of colored Pebbles.
Entrance fee for Citadel Grotto starting Wednesday 25 Sep. 2013 is 10 LE. / Person and Visit time 50 Minutes
Giza Zoo and Aquarium Entrance fee is 5 LE. For Egyptian Visitors, and 20 LE. For Non Egyptians starting sat. 21 Sep. 2013
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