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December 12, 2013
Workshop on the Conservation of Sharks

In accordance with Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) that has been ratified on October 2008 by The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture & land reclamation and The International Fund for Animal Welfare ( IFAW ) to launch the training on capacity building initiative of IFAW in Egypt.Together with Convention of Migratory Species (CMS) Secretariat, an aquatic ( marine ) training Workshop to Protect Sharks and other marine species was held in Hurghada City – Red sea Gavernorate /Egypt on December 9-12, 2013, hosted by Prof.Dr. Ayman Abu Hadeed , Minister of Agriculture & land reclamation , Mr.Minister Ahmed Abdulla , the governor of the Red sea and Prof.Dr. Usama Seleim , Chief of The General Organization for Veterinary Services ( GOVS ). Since the ratification of MoU in 2008 a total of nine training workshops have been fulfilled, the previous eight training workshops have focused on terrestrial Wildlife species and have carried out in different Egyptian Ports and Harbors .

Throughout the four-day training Wildlife officers, environmental police officers, Customs, Quarantine Veterinarians & Botanists Researchers from Ministry of environment , fisheries, and other government concerned officers who work in implementation of CITES, in addition to the participants from Saudi Arabia, Yamen , Somalia , Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia have got a good idea on the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS), Memorandum of Understanding on conservation of Migratory sharks , sharks listed in CMS convention, CITES convention and how it works, its importance, CITES permits, sharks and marine species listed in CITES and their threats.

The training workshop organized by Dr.Elsayed Mohamed, IFAW's Middle east Regional Director , Dr. Fatma Tammam , Head of the management authority of CITES- Egypt & Dr. Ragy Toma, deputy of the management authority of CITES- Egypt . Dr. Akram Darwish , Dr. Mohamed Nader ( IFAW ) , Andrea Pauly-CMS representative , Ralf Sonntag-country director ,Germany ( IFAW ) - Rebecca Regnerry , USA ( IFAW ) – Dr.Max Bello , Chilli ( PEW ) and Dr.Reem Gabado ( UAE ).

Two lecturers from Egyptian Wildlife Service ( Dr. Ragy Toma & Dr. Abdelwahab Khaddam ) have joined and shared IFAW lecturers.

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